Rural and Urban Lifestlyes during the Industrial Revolution

by rcrist ~ April 22nd, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 18: Industry, Society, and Environment, Uncategorized.

During the Industrial Revolution, work patterms started to change from farming and household chores to factory and mine working. This brought on more machines working rather than humans. This was a huge change for people during this period of time. Most people worked for generations (mostly farmers and peasants) doing the same thing their families did for years.

This pattern seemed to decrease until the coming of industrial production occured and then there were hardly any workers and the unemployment rates went up. Soon farmers and craftsmen who had been hard-working people became clerks and machine operators. More and more people moved closer to the city. In 1800, europe had an over 100,000 population in just 20 cities, but in 1900 the poputlation grew and Europe had 150 cities. Industrializations transformed Western Europe socially, economically, and cultuallry. 


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