King James version of the Bible

by pkaufman ~ April 22nd, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 13: Reformation, Religious Wars, and National Conflicts.

King James’ political ideas were not within the trends of the time; he believed in the principle from the medieval era that God appointed Kings and therefore they were only accountable to God. He did all he could to avoid calling a Parliament to control taxation with other methods of channeling money for the monarchy. The thing he is perhaps most famous for was commissioning a new translation of the scriptures, the King James Bible.

This website goes into more detail about the version itself:

The thing I find interesting is how the version we read today is probably different in many ways from the original. The more times something is translated, the more it changes. Even if there are strict guidelines it is often extremely hard to maintain the true implications and meanings of the text. Even one word translated differently with a slightly different meaning could have drastic consequences. It’s hard to know if what we read today is actually what was intended when a bunch of men wrote the original bible.

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