Ch. 21 Opium Wars

by Terence Rice ~ April 22nd, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 21: Global Empire and European Culture.

superior navy to muscle its way around the East. This navy would help the British take control over India around the same time. With the powerful navy the British moved into china and overpowered them into submission. They forced the Chinese to trade with foreign countries.  With china now under the British wipe, Britain used them to make some cash. Opium one of the bigger drums of the day and soon to be ‘favorite’  of the Chinese. The drug opium was illegal in China but the British and some Americana smugglers moved the drugs through china and intern addicting many Chinese people.

This picture depicts the sheer importance and dominates viewed by the British over the Chinese. The Chinese tried there best to destroy incoming stocks of Opium, but this just angered the British and so the first Opium war started.

This image shows the huge loss by the Chinese in the first Opium War (1839-1842). The picture depicts massive loose in the sea battle. After the war the Chinese government was forced to not interrupt the drug trafficking ( and open five additional ports for foreign trade) also to give Hong Kong to the British. The Chinese tried again to fight against British in 1856 and 1860. This war was a combined power of Britain and France. Without saying China had lost again and was forced to give up Beijing. The Chinese also had to allow the British to travel freely throughout the empire and Western Gunboats were allowed to move on important Chinese river in land.

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