Chapter 16: Key Players

by tinacastillo ~ February 5th, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 16: The Age of Enlightenment: Rationalism and its Uses.

Most philosophers of the Enlightenment were from either aristocratic or middle-class backgrounds with university education. In order to effectively remember the important players I have made an outline of the philosophers and their contributions.

John Locke

-In Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1693) Locke concluded that education determined human character.

Essay Concerning Human Understanding: reiterated that the environment shaped the mind thus making a comment on the debate of nature VS nurture.

Pierre Bayle

-In Historical &Critical Dictionary (1697) he stated that morality and religion are different and do not relate.


-Persian Letters


-Believed that religious institutions stood in the path of human freedom and progress.


– English freedom VS French autocracy(1721) critiqued European customs from the perspective of Persian travelers. In this literary work a growing awareness of a divergent world culture became evident.


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