Sir Francis Drakes and privateers

by Jim ~ February 4th, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 12: Renaissance and Exploration.

Through-out all my life, I have held a couple favorite people in history. My current favorite person is Sir Francis Drake. He was a real man. He made his own destiny, becoming a captain of a ship and going from a tradesman to pirate to privateer.
What is a privateer though – really. We hear that word alot when talking about Drake and other famous adventurers during this time period. “Pirate hired by a Government” is the definition given in class and that is correct but I looked a little bit more into the history of what it is. Privateering was started in the 16th century by the British to help capture and loot Spaniard ships coming from the new world. It became a type of warfare between the two nations.
It was used during the American Revolution by the colonists to help battle the British navy and provide Water-support during some battles.

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