Friedrich Engels (1820-1875)

by rcrist ~ February 4th, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 18: Industry, Society, and Environment.

In the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, one of the leaders that our book mentions is Friedrich Engels. He helped the people of Manchester become aware of the growing problems in housing, such as overcrowding and filth. He wrote about how thousands of people live in these conditions and how the rural workers were getting the worst of it. His works were criticized and at the same time loved. He also was a good friend of Karl Marx and partly helped with The  Communist Manifesto. Friedrich Engels is known for accurately describing the working-class conditions in Manchester in the nineteenth century.

Below is a link to a short biography of Fredrich Engels. It tells of his life and how he strived to help, or at least inform, the people of the 19th Century of the troubles their country is going through.  


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