Chapter 21 Africa

by Terence Rice ~ February 4th, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 21: Global Empire and European Culture.

Our book talks about the struggle for power in Africa in chapter 21. Europe before the 1880’s didn’t have a lot of information on Africa. this map will illustrate the length of influence and knowledge that Europe had in Africa:
Africa before 1880

As shown in the map above Europe has little influence. The majority of European influenced is on the coast which was ether old slave camps or forts (as the book speaks of slightly) where located. As shown on the map the British, Portuguese, Spanish and French all had little areas in there control in Africa. The rest was more or less still not yet explored parts of Africa ( in European views) . This would change with King Leopold II of Belgium. He formed the International African Association, the origination consisted of scientists and philanthropists (from all over Europe) was first formed to explore the Congo and its native people. Leopold II took advantage of the group and used it for his own economic gain. He was the first to start the massive struggle for the prime areas in Africa. With his foot in the door Leopold took one million square miles in the Congo ( which is roughly half of the Congo). When this was done the other European countries made there moves on Africa so get there share.

Africa in 1914

This map represents Africa in 1914 when Europe took its toll.

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