Chapter 18 Industry, Society and Environment

by kkovacik ~ February 4th, 2010. Filed under: Chapter 18: Industry, Society, and Environment.

Although, industrialization in England improved the health quality due to new techniques, it was counter balanced with demoralizing and dangerous work in factories.   Little by little, acts were passed to improve conditions.

Factory Act 1819 Limited the hours worked by children to a maximum of 12 per day.
Factory Act 1833 Children under 9 banned from working in the textiles industry and 10-13 year olds limited to a 48 hour week.
Factory Act 1844 Maximum of 12 hours work per day for Women.
Factory Act 1847 Maximum of 10 hours work per day for Women and children.
Factory Act 1850


Increased hours worked by Women and children to 10 and a half hours a day, but not allowed to work before 6am or after 6pm.
No worker allowed to work more than 56.5 hours per week.   Source:

Today, there are places where these demoralizing and dangerous working conditions still exist.

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